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Tea Tasting Journal Lovers Tasting Notebook Log Book Flavor Wheels Tasting Chart

Tea Tasting Journal Lovers Tasting Notebook Log Book Flavor Wheels Tasting Chart

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Tea Tasting Journal: Tea Lovers Tasting Notebook & Log Book. Flavor Wheels, Tasting Charts, Color Meters, Tea Ratings, Tasting Notes, and Much More! Great Gift for Tea Lovers - Premium Cream Paper


Discover Your Perfect Cup of Tea With This Elegant Tea Tasting Journal

This beautiful tea tasting journal is the ideal companion for your everyday tea journey. You can use it to conveniently record and fine-tune your tea recipes at home or at cafes. The perfect gift for tea lovers!

What's Inside:

★ 100 unique tea tasting journal pages (details below)
★ Find teas easily: 2 pages of table of contents for easy navigation
★ Tea basics: Brand, origin, type, add-ons, brew method
★ Tea color meter scale: From white to pu-erh
★ Flavor experience: Detailed tea flavor wheel
★ Tasting experience: Look, aroma, and palate
★ Record your opinions: Personal tasting notes
★ Your final rating: Appearance, taste, smell, overall

Note: Please use the look inside feature (for website users) to see the tea tasting journal with all details.


★ Compact size: 6 x 9 inches for easy carry
★ Cream-colored paper for a classy look
★ Premium print quality for durability
★ Professionally designed classic matte cover
★ Great for tea lovers and tea fans of all ages
★ Perfect gift idea for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions


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