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NEW Spacetime 1.0 TOG Baby Sleep Sack Feet Cuffs 6-12 months Sleeper PJs Space

NEW Spacetime 1.0 TOG Baby Sleep Sack Feet Cuffs 6-12 months Sleeper PJs Space

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KidZee Spacetime & Autumn Collection, 1.0 TOG Baby Sleep Sack with Feet Cuffs, Wearable Baby Blanket, Best for Baby Sleepers, 6-12 months


With the Kidzee Zee-Suit, you won't have to worry about whether your babies get cold while sleeping. With the TOG Test Analysis Results of our company, your baby can sleep more comfortably without the need to cover any blanket or extra cover. The TOG value is a measure of thermal resistance. In accordance with the temperature, babies do not sweat in hot weather and do not feel cold in cold weather. Since Kidzee Sleeping Suits have a natural structure, your baby's skin can breathe very easily. With our Kidzee Zee-Suit products, a more comfortable sleeping environment is created by keeping your babies' body temperatures stable. Your babies are on the move not only when they play, but also when they sleep. Our products are specially designed so that your baby can move freely while sleeping. Your baby's clothes should be made of soft, comfortable and flexible fabric. At this point, we have been serving our customers for years with our Kidzee products. With its Cuffs structure, your baby can play comfortably and safely during the day. All KidZee fabrics are dyed with water-based and skin-friendly dyes. Every Zee Suit and color combination is creatively designed by us. Our unique designs feature a 2-way zipper, which helps you change busy balloons quickly! One of the biggest problems mothers face in daily life is changing their babies' diapers. Kidzee's Z-suit double-sided zippered structure allows mothers to change diapers easily with its practical use. It provides ease of use in the toilet, especially for hyperactive children. This allows babies to be more flexible and active in every environment in daily life.


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