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Lightweight Jump Rope Fitness Exercise Adjustable Ropes Handles Tangle-Free

Lightweight Jump Rope Fitness Exercise Adjustable Ropes Handles Tangle-Free

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Lightweight Jump Rope for Fitness and Exercise - Adjustable Jump Ropes with Plastic Handles - Tangle-Free Skipping Rope for Crossfit, Gym, Cardio and Endurance Training - Jumping Rope for Workout


Working out can be fun and effective if you’ve got the right piece of equipment. Choose our affordable, portable jump ropes for fitness for women and men to make your workouts work for you.✅Adjust to the perfect length in minutes: The 3 meter PVC cord of this jumping exercise rope can be easily shortened to suit your requirements. It’s an ideal jump rope for adults or kids of different heights and skills. ✅Get maximum comfort while training: The 5-inch long, lightweight plastic handles reduce arm and shoulder fatigue. They’re also anti-slip for a comfortable grip so that you can maintain consistency throughout your workout. Our fitness jump rope handles also allow complete rotations for the smoothest swing ever. ✅Durable construction: This jump rope for men and women is made of solid 5mm PVC, so it resists wear and tear even on rough surfaces. The cord will not get wound up or knotted, which saves you time and trouble. ✅Lightweight and portable: High-quality PVC makes our workout rope light enough to carry easily but the perfect weight to get the tension you want. Roll it up and put it in your gym or travel bag, and train anywhere you want to. ✅Multipurpose: Made for lightning-quick skipping, our Crossfit jump rope is suitable for basic jumping, the boxer step, high knees, side swings, and many other routines so that you won’t get bored at the gym. These versatile jump ropes for fitness, exercising, and fun will burn those calories off, improve your cardio, increase your endurance, and achieve all your other fitness goals. Order this jump rope for weight loss and fitness training and enjoy fun, effective exercise. 


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