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Butterfly Diamond Painting Kits for Adults, Partial Drill Crystal Painting Kit Special Shape Animal Gem Painting Unique Diamond Art for Wall Decor, Gift 11.8x11.8 Inch

Butterfly Diamond Painting Kits for Adults, Partial Drill Crystal Painting Kit Special Shape Animal Gem Painting Unique Diamond Art for Wall Decor, Gift 11.8x11.8 Inch

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About this item

  • 【High Quality】The special shaped diamond painting kit comes with wearable and eco-friendly high-definition oil canvas, sparkling colorful diamonds and production toolkit, easily realize classic artwork without any manual experience and artistic skills, enjoy the pleasure of making, suitable for the elderly and beginners
  • 【Special Shaped Drill】The novel special shaped diamonds include drop shape, diamond shapes and rounds, with vivid colors, clear layers and never fade. The combination of diverse diamond shapes and meticulous color matching results in a crystal rhinestone diamond painting that is not only more textured and three-dimensional but also exceptionally vibrant and radiant in the light
  • 【Enchanting Decoration】An enchanting butterfly crystal art diamond painting, with vibrant and dreamlike colors, infuses a splendid artistic atmosphere into your space. Whether hung on the wall or placed in a specific location, this gem painting adds a touch of opulence and luxury to the entire space, becoming a captivating decorative piece that commands attention
  • 【Precious Gift】Whether presented to close friends or a beloved partner, diamond paintings transcend words, conveying beautiful wishes and profound emotions to the recipient. Therefore, choosing a diamond painting kit as a gift is not just a compliment to refined taste, but also a cherished expression of precious emotions
  • 【Add Joy To Life】Indulge in the joy of DIY 5D diamond painting, a fulfilling activity that enhances hands-on ability, reduces stress, and brings emotional relief. Experience a profound sense of accomplishment, bolster self-confidence, and nurture patience. Suitable for adults, the elderly, and art beginner alike, our diamond art kits add a delightful touch to life's moments
*5D diamond art is the new creative hobby that has taken the crafting world by storm, easier and more beautiful than traditional cross stitch
*No craft experience or drawing skills required, easy to pick up, perfect for adults and beginners in arts and crafts
*With strong interactive and cultivating hands-on skills, an excellent choice for family entertainment activities and enhancing intimacy relationship
*The process of making a diamond paintings allows you to experience a sense of accomplishment, perseverance cultivates patience, enhances self-confidence, and most importantly thing is to enjoy your free time.
*Stylish and exquisite wall decor and room ornaments, add a fascinating charm to any space.
*A practical and thoughtful gift for family and friends for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or parties.
*HD canvas itself has a sticky background, covered with protective film to keep the picture sticky, so you can easily finish it
*Crystal diamonds have strong three dimensional effect and vivid color matching, making the diamond painting look more radiant and sparkling
*Our diamond paintings are beautifully designed and meticulously color matching to reproduce the original image as accurately as possible
*We provide more extra diamonds for each color to ensure your process is smooth.
*Find corresponding diamond bag according to color chart
*Apply a proper amount of red glue clay to the pen point
*Use book or your hand to press the finished painting to make diamonds more fixed.

Each picture contains a set of painting tools, no need to buy any other kits
1. Don't open all the transparent paper on the canvas at one time.
2. When you suddenly stop your diamond painting, please cover the transparent paper on the picture to prevent the glue from losing its stickiness.
4. The diamond inedible, please don't play in order to avoid accidents such as swallowing.

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