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NEW Bells Sympathy Wind Chimes, Memorial Wind Chimes, Gift for Loss of Loved

NEW Bells Sympathy Wind Chimes, Memorial Wind Chimes, Gift for Loss of Loved

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Bells Sympathy Wind Chimes, Memorial Wind Chimes, Gift for Loss of Loved Ones, Funeral, in Loving Memory, Bereavement, Grief, Remembrance for mom dad Farewell, Patio, Outdoor Decors, 36 inches


 wind chimes is a mascot, a symbol of good luck. When Wind Chimes is blowing, it will bring pleasing and happiness. These chimes could be an exquisite desire for you. Terrific colours, first-class metal wind chimes massive heavy tubes, with an “S” hook, and the sound is tender, deep tone and relaxing. What you need to do is simply to hang the chime, sitting outside, letting the mild song calm you. Aluminium wind chimes create a harmonious experience in your own home or garden by including the gentle sound of a finely tuned chime. Ideal Bereavement Gifts Give this memorial wind chime in memory of a loved one to a mourning family. They could hang the memorial gift from you up on a tree, a patio, a deck or outside the window. The wind will remind them that their loved ones are always around. It is even better than flowers. Giving a sympathy gift that will not wilt or die is a considerate gift option. Beautiful Packaging The windchime comes in an elegant beautifully designed and high-quality magnetic flap box. There will be no need of additional purchase of gift box. The chimes are packed in hot wrapped plastic. The box also includes a beautifully designed Grief Card with also space to write your message. Perfect Size The memorial wind chime is 91 cm (36 inches) long from the S hanging to the bottom wind sailor. The diameter of the bell holder is 16cm. The longest aluminium tube is 36.3 cm inches and the shortest is 24.5 cm. The tubes diameter is 2.5cm and wall 1.0 mm. The wind sailor has the diameter of 12 cm. The striker is 7.7 x 1.8 cm. Ideal for Home Decor They are also a beautiful decoration to a memorial garden yard patio. You can hang it at window, tree, plant, or other place to decorate your home and garden. These wind chimes make a beautiful statement piece for your window or anywhere.


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